_5D_4337The State of Colorado requires a high level of safety and sanitation for all cosmetologists, barbers, hairstylists, manicurists, and estheticians to prevent the spread of disorders and diseases. The rules and regulations can be found on the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) Office of Barber and Cosmetology Licensure website: www.dora.state.co.us/barbers_cosmetologists/.

After graduating from any Colorado beauty school, each student will be tested before receiving a license to practice. Part of the licensing process tests candidates on having their tools properly sanitized and labeled. Colorado Kit Company provides all candidates the opportunity to rent or purchase their PSI-required equipment already sanitized, packaged, and labeled in accordance with the state requirements for the practical test.

Colorado Kit Company regularly checks the PSI Services website to comply with the most up-to-date PSI-required equipment guidelines. Although PSI Services publishes a general PSI-required equipment list for all five tests, Colorado Kit Company arranges specific contents to meet the requirements of each specific test. Colorado Kit Company assembles a complete rental kit of required items for each specific test with the exception of the mannequin head or mannequin hand. Individuals are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the kit before their test time, but not to remove any items.

The kits available for purchase will not include a mannequin head, hand, or thermal and cutting tools because the students are given those tools when they start school.