As part of Colorado Kit Company’s commitment to your success as a barber, cosmetologist, hairstylist, esthetician, or manicurist, we offer the following Colorado State Board Exam tips to help in your preparation for the Colorado Barber and Cosmetology Licensure exams.

Before your Colorado State Board test date

Your time is best spent studying the procedures from the Candidate Information Bulletin provided by PSI Services. The Colorado Barber and Cosmetology Licensure exams are very specific and PSI has published exactly what they want to see you exhibit. Here are direct links to each exam’s criteria:

It is important that you memorize the information in each procedure. As adults, we retain information better if we read it and write it down, especially if we can use color. Colorado Kit Company suggests that you use notecards and colored pens to make yourself flashcards of the procedure criteria that you will be responsible for as well as the safety criteria.

All you have to do is memorize the steps; Colorado Kit Company will provide the equipment you need to complete each procedure.

What to bring to the test

Be sure to have two valid forms of ID. This means neither of them can be expired. One must be a photo ID with your signature; the other must also have your signature.

You will also need to bring a prepared mannequin head in addition to the kit. Colorado Kit Company suggests that you pre-cut your mannequin head into a 90 degree layered haircut 8 inches in length. We also suggest that you blow dry the hair using a round brush and a center part. We recommend that you pre-curl your mannequin’s hair following the Thermal Curling Service using a Marcel Iron. This will make the service easier to perform at the exam since you’ll be using a cold iron that day.

If you are a barber or hair-styling only candidate, you must bring 2 prepared mannequin heads to the state board examination. Prepare one mannequin head as described above. The second mannequin head should be pre-cut into a 90 degree layered haircut, 5-6 inches in length, blow dried to smooth finish.

Remember that your mannequin head represents your client. You do not need to package it in a bag labeled disinfected.

After the Test

You do not need to reorganize your Colorado Kit Company kit after your test. Never put equipment or materials back into any bag labeled pre-sanitized. Anything used during the test should be put into the trash bag.

If you miss your test and reschedule it within one month and the Colorado Kit Company representative does not feel that extensive repackaging of your original kit is required, you will be charged half the regular price when you reserve or pick up your new kit.

If you fail your test and the kit has been used for any portion of the test, the cost for a subsequent rental is full price.